• The best way to boost, strengthen and build your immune system.

Better safe than sorry


Fruits, vegetables and spices are natural sources of antioxidants that possess the ability to boost the immune system. When our immune system is strong enough, the bacteria or virus that enter our body can be directly destroyed, killed or neutralized. Therefore, we are able to heal ourselves if our body defence system works optimally.

Nowadays, the innovation in the health supplement industry develops continuously, not only from the processing technology but also from the variety of raw materials used. One of these innovations is herbal drops made from a combination of natural ingredients, including fruits, vegetables and spices.

Actual + is processed with modern biotechnology to produce premium quality herbal drops that exert recovery or healing effect on different kinds of diseases. They are very beneficial for our body cell regeneration. Cell is the tiniest part of constituent of human body, where there are trillions of cells in the body. As a result, if the body is sick, means the cell is actually sick.

“So, are you still looking for medicine to get cured?”






  • 5 Drops
  • 3 Times Daily
  • 10 Drops
  • 3 Times Daily


  • SHAKE before use.
  • DROP into water.
  • DO NOT use HOT water.


  • Keep Dry
  • Store away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep in a cool place.
Dr. I Ketut Widana, M.App, SC

dr. I Ketut Widana was born in June 21st, 1946 at Tabanan Bali. He graduated in 1972 from the faculty of medicine University of Udayana Bali, and postgraduate university of Western Australia in 1986.

After completing his education in medicine, he began his career as a sport cost at the Western Australia Institute of Technology (WAIT) for 1 year. He was a lecturer in the medical school Universitas of Udayana Bali from 1972 to 2011. He taught of medical physiology, work physiology (ergonomy), and sports physiology.

dr. Ketut invited in various health events such as Occupational Health events in Japan Medical University.

dr. Ketut is a member of the Indonesian Faith Association and Physician Expert group. He joined PT Soman Indonesia since 2009 as a SoMan Medical Consultant. He has a mission to achieve SoMan as a herbal product can enter the global market and become an icon of Indonesia.